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Do not Limit Yourself to the Dubai City

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Desert Adventures in Dubai

Dubai is more than just its tall building and a city that never sleeps. There is a lot that lies outside the city limits, which can be experienced via desert adventures in Dubai. Arooha Tours offers you the opportunity to truly experience the package via various packages. The packages include a stay of a few hours in the desert to an overnight stay. This will ensure that you have the most amount of fun possible no matter your budget.

An Adventure in the Desert

One of the ways you can have fun in the desert is if you opt to go skydiving. This is done through tandem sky diving, which means it does not matter whether you can skydive or not. Those who sign up will be able to experience an adrenaline rush like never before. You will be tied to a skydiver as you jump out of a plane and land on the desert below. Skydiving will give you a panoramic view of the Dubai desert so you can see just how beautiful the world can be.

Take your go pro or your phone camera. It will allow you to take some awesome photos as you come rushing down to the desert. While a single dive last only a few minutes, an experience will stick in your mind forever. You might even become hooked to it. However, note that this adventure requires you to book a few days in advance and pay beforehand so that the plane ticket and other preparations can be made.

Another fun desert adventure is riding a dune buggy. If you have always wanted to ride these vehicles, it will be the perfect opportunity to do it. They are usually quite easy to ride, and the experience is unlike anything you have experienced before. During the dune buggy adventure, there will be a brief stop in the desert. This will give you a chance to take some cool photos as you pose on your dune buggy with the backdrop of the majestic desert of Dubai.

Make The Desert A Fun Hub

Traveling in a Camel Caravan in Dubai

Fun and the desert might not seem related, but we at Arooha Tours know how to merge the two. When you book a package, our driver will arrive on time in any location inside Dubai to pick you up. After that, the ride begins, and you go to the desert sand dunes for some dune bashing.

This is an area where the drivers have a lot of experience. The 4x4 vehicles are quite sturdy, and they can take any terrain in the desert. Our drivers also have experience on how to ensure you are safe at all times.

You could also opt to take the camel ride. Traveling in a camel caravan as you view the magnificent desert can be a lot of fun. Relax as this gentle giant slowly takes you on a relaxing journey across the desert. You should use it as an opportunity to take some beautiful photos with you on a camel’s back.

Have you always wished to have some Desert Adventures in Dubai? Arooha tours can make your dream into a reality. Get in touch with us today.

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