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The official country language is Arabic, but most of the citizens speak the English language as well.


Geographical Location

The UAE borders on Quatar, Sultanate of Oman and Saudi Arabia. The emirates are located on the Persian Gulf sea board, except Fujairah, which is located on the Indian Ocean sea side. The total area of the country is 90 559 square kilometers. The most significant part of it is located in the Arabia Desert. The Middle East is a region with a great natural variety: desert landscapes, oasis, dried creeks, dunes, mountains, volcanic lakes. The coral riffs of Khorfakkan are famous for its oceanic flora and fauna. The Persian Gulf sea side is known for the golden sand and pure water.



The UAE climate is dry and subtropical. Winters are dry and warm, summers are humid and hot. The seaside areas are much more humid than the center areas. Rains are very rear, droughts can happen often and last for years. Sand storms are typical for springs. It is always sunny in UAE, but the most favorable months for visiting are October, November and December.


Religion and Culture

The state legislation is built on the Islamic culture basis. The residents' life style is subjected to Schariah, the main source of law. Different emirates practise different social behavior standards. The Non-Muslim visitors are expected to follow the generally accepted cultural rules. Traditionally the strict dress – code is required in the public areas. The people of UAE are friendly, hospitable and tolerant. That makes Dubai one of the most favorite tourist destinations and a unique place to get acquainted to.

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