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What is the procedure of a sale-and-purchase agreement?

In case a buyer pays cash for the property unit, a bargain is performed in a bank. The bank is chosen by both sides. As a rule, the entire sum of money is placed to the safe deposit box. The seller can also use one of the bank services, as the bills check and money recounting. After the procedure, the sale and purchase agreement is signed. Signing can be executed in a bank, a notary office or a real estate agency. An agent registers the agreement and the buyer signs an acceptance certificate.


What is an average amount of a prepayment?

A buyer is to make a prepayment in favor of a seller. As a rule, the prepayment is paid in cash. This procedure is performed in order to remove a commercial offer from a real estate market up to the moment when a documentation is collected and a bargain is ready for accomplishment. The amount of a prepayment varies, it depends on the property cost. Usually, it does not exceed 50 000 USD.


What kind of property in Dubai is the most suitable choice?

All property in Dubai can be divided into a few categories: apartments, townhouses, houses, warehouses, garages, commercial premises and land. However, every category has a subcategory, real estate units can be also called differently in some Dubai districts. It is advisable to consult our realtors in order to specify your personal needs.


How can I check the background of the property?

It is important to check the background of the property to prepare it for sale, as the potential buyers take such commercial offers into consideration more often. In every case the background check requires individual approach, depending on the number of people who owned it, lived there or were registered in it. This service can only be provided by a lawyer.




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