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Buying and Leasing Property in Dubai

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Purchasing and leasing of real estate is a serious matter for everyone. Let's discuss the most relevant reasons for buying and leasing property in Dubai.


A Developed Infrastructure and a High Standard of Living

Dubai is a modern megalopolis. Even its residents call it “a city of future”. And they are right! This fascinating city was built on the desert edge to amaze its residents and visitors with its amplitude. In Dubai everything is created to maximize comfort: breath – taking skyscrapers, spacious airports, ultra – modern subway, fabulous malls with the real skating rinks and ski slopes. A developed highway system excludes excessive traffic jams, while almost every Dubai resident drives his own car.


A Business Activity Center

Dubai provides great business opportunities, as it's located at the intersection of the most popular shipping routes between Europe, Africa and Asia. This topical business direction is supported by: numerous international companies, which locate their head quarters in Dubai; the strongest maritime fleet in the region and a brand new airport, called Sheikh Maktoum, which is meant to become the largest airport in the world. Today the Dubai International Airport partners with more than 130 airlines, operating more than 220 directions on five continents. This airport is the major regional transportation center which supports about 30% of all passenger transportation in the Middle East and North Africa.


High Rental Profits

Dubai is a city of visitors. More than 90% of the residents are expatriates. However, not all of them can afford a property purchase. It makes a rental market one of the most developed business fields of the region. Dubai property purchase is a great investment option; residential property is the most profitable option in this case. 

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