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What are the security services provided by security companies operating in Iraq?

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Iraq is a challenging place to live, travel or work. It is quite difficult to live in such a difficult and daring environment. The security service companies in Iraq need to provide a wide range of personal and technical security solutions to their clients who are facing challenges living in Iraq. They assist their clients with highly secured services according to their needs and requirements. Al Murabit is a security service company in Iraq provides its clients with the following security services:

Crisis and risk management service: Crisis is an unexpected event that can harm an individual, family, group or organization in terms of revenue, goodwill, finance market positioning etc. A security service company will protect you against such uncertainties. Implement a crisis management program is the best way to protect the future of your entity against any business crisis.

Security Service Company Iraq

Risk is a potential threat that can occur and can harm your person or business in many ways. Risk management is the way that minimizes risks and helps in smooth functioning of a company. Mostly, there are two types of risk in a business i.e. strategic and operational risk. A security service company will provide you with risk management services to lessen both types of risks.

Crisis and medical emergency response planning: Al Murabit provides medical emergency response planning services at the time of crisis in Iraq. It includes plans to provide medical services to the people suffering during the situation of crisis and emergency. Additionally, they provide sufficient supplies of basic and domestic items, provide shelter to people and they also try to build a peaceful environment so that people will feel safe. The security service providers ensure that emergencies are handled in a systematic, structured and controlled manner.

Personal security and close protection: It is a service provided by security service companies on a personal level. Close protection means to protect the client as a bodyguard. These kinds of services are mostly provided to political leaders, corporate leaders, entertainment stars, VIP’s etc. to secure them against any danger.

Mobile security and journey management: Journey management is basically a trip risk assessment where the organization ensures that the traveling workforce is safe prior, during and after traveling. It is done to check whether an employee has arrived safely to his destination or not. Earlier, it consists of monitor employee's travel arrangements by spreadsheet. However, the entire process is taken online now, and security companies can keep an eye on the employees traveling and to know what is happening when team members are offsite. It includes:

  • Logging a journey whether it is short or long
  • Recording models of transport
  • Details of means of transport like flight number, vehicle registration number
  • Safety reminders at check-in post etc.

Facility and infrastructure security: Al Murabit provides facility and infrastructure security service to both Government and non-government infrastructure facilities and buildings. They assist their clients to develop security programs to design or build the critical infrastructure.

Al Murabit

K&R response: Kidnap and a ransom has become a crucial threat to people in many areas of the world nowadays. A security service company in Iraq provides assistance to companies, families and individuals who fall victim to the high risk crimes of kidnapping and extortion. The main motive of K&R services is to return the captive safely to their homes. K&R response service include:

  • Cooperation with law enforcement authority whenever required
  • Consultants provide advice to victim's family or employer until the case resolved
  • Formation of crisis management team to manage the incident
  • Recovery
  • After recovery they also provide trauma counseling and medical support to victim.

HSE consultancy: It means health, safety, and environmental consultancy. HSE consultant ensures the safety of employees or workers at the workplace or construction site. They monitor the day to day operations and hence provide a safe and healthy working environment according to the needs and requirements of a client.

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