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How to do up your windows in vogue!

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Window designing is essential yet overlooked. It must be a blend of ascetic & aesthetic. Whether it’s Roman shades or Venetian blinds, simple shutters or flowing drapes, we’ll bring to you the most modernistic & minimalistic ways to do up your windows with curtains and blinds in Dubai!

Matchstick Blinds

Best suited for small spaces giving an airy & light feel to the room.

Matchstick blinds

Sheer Curtains

Apt for rooms which need abundant light and prevents the room from feeling too closed off.

Tall Curtains

They create contrast and make the room look spacious.

Botanical Blinds

They make you feel closer to mother nature and keep the vibe fresh and floral.


Transparent roofs for places like conservatory or winter garden which help in regulating light and temperature. Skylight systems are electrical & remote-controlled.

Skylight curtains

Curtains and blinds

If you don’t wish to choose between the two styles, Matchstick blinds serve the purpose of darkening the room while curtains add color.

Taffeta window curtains

Ruffles on silk give a sense of elegance and grace.

Stripe Curtains

The patterns must be chosen without it looking monotonous and drab.

Wooden Venetian Blinds

An amalgamation of elegance & opulence, suited for all types of environments. These blinds can withstand the challenging weather of Dubai as they offer sturdiness with style.

Bamboo Blinds

The environment friendly blinds also known as Chiks. They’re eco-friendly and give an old-world charm & earthy feel. These blinds are perfect for blocking the scorching sun in Dubai. They give a feel of openness to the room.

Special shaped

Oversized windows? Crooked windows? Steep windows? All these awry-looking windows can be fixed with special shaped windows to make special constructions possible. Can be used indoors & outdoors, upside down or vice-versa.

So live in the room of your dreams be it under the skylight or around nature, in elite elegance or the earthiness of bamboo blinds. The world of windows awaits you!


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