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Here are some of the most amazing hotels in Dubai

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Burj Al Arab hotel in UAEBurj Al Arab is one of the best hotels in Dubai owing to its sheer unique architecture and grandeur that captivates the eyes in a single glance. Located on a man-made island, the hotel looks best during the nights when shimmering blue and violet lights adorns the hotel's exterior. The suites in this artistic architecture are far more lavish, almost made on a concept where you can have a wonderful view of the Dubai city.


The name suits the decoration of this wonderful and exquisite hotel since long palm trees grace the frontier. The hotel itself is an art created in a way so that it can reflect the pristine lavishness of the area. The entire hotel is surrounded by luscious foliage and four different villas adorn the main building. Ninety suites are there which might seem to be less but the size and the luxuries of the rooms are beyond imagination.


Jumeira beach hotel in DubaiLocated at a ten minutes distance from the busiest shopping center of Madinat, Jumeirah Beach Hotel is sumptuous in terms of designing and services. The interiors are designed in a modernistic style where the suites are illuminated with golden hue of the lights. The hotel houses twenty-one different restaurants, so apart from being a residential spot; it is also a hotspot of different cuisines. This is one of those five-star hotels in Dubai, which provides utmost comfort and a royal feeling to the tourists staying within the premises.


Reflecting the culture of Egypt, this hotel has a pyramidal shape with a spotlight at the apex, resembling the Pyramid of Giza. The exterior part might not be appealing but the interior of the hotel is another scenario. The insides are graced with ottoman styled sofas and furniture that increase the grandeur of the place. Moreover, they greatly reflect the Egyptian era, amidst the Pharaohs and their kingdom.


This hotel is built in the center of the Palm Islands, a perfect sight resembling the lost island of Atlantis. The hotel is the first architecture that stood proudly on the island and clearly reflects the Arabian style of living. It has 1539 rooms, arranged in form of two humongous towers and connected through the central bridge suit. The hotel faces the ocean and is surrounded by lush vegetation.

These are among the top-rated hotels not just in Dubai but also all over the world. These architectural structures are themselves marvelous, each screaming the flow of opulence.

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