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Get Chinese visa from UAE

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China is relatively an untouched territory as compared with other countries like UAE, USA, UK, and India etc. Of course, popular destinations like Beijing, Shanghai, Macau, and many more are explored in China but a lot of people visit those areas but that's not all of China. China is huge and there are still a lot of untouched areas that nobody really knows anything about. So if you are looking for something different and want to get out of your comfort zone, there is a lot to explore in China that you will find very unique.

Chinese visa

Well, you need a Chinese visa if you want to travel and explore this beautiful country. you must consult a travel agency to get an idea on how to get a visa for China. They will help you to get your visa as soon as possible and do all the formalities on your behalf that are required to get the visa for China. You just need to coordinate with the team so that they can do the processing as soon as possible. You need to submit some documents that are necessary for the visa application.

Documents required for the Chinese visa

  • You are required to submit a valid UAE residence visa with 90 days validity
  • 3 recent passport size photos of 3.5*4.5 cm dimension with white background
  • Original passport with 6 months validity and at least 2 blank pages in it
  • Original NOC letter which states your salary, joining date, designation, and travel purpose for employee addressing China Embassy
  • Invitation letter from your friend or relative who lives in China will be an added advantage to process your visa in speed
  • Latest online bank statement of 3 months
  • You are required to submit a self-introduction letter which states your monthly income, a copy of valid trade license, passport details for owners, partners or investors.

Processing time

Generally, it takes 4 working days to complete the processing of a Chinese visa. If you want your visa before 4 working days then you need to pay extra charges for this. For rush service, an additional charge will occur in order to provide you with the visa on the same day. The total visa charges will include consulate fees, service charges, courier charges, and all the related taxes.

Processing time

How to fill the application form

Fill all the required details after reading the instructions carefully. It is suggested that you should fill each column completely. However, you can fill "N/A" if you find something that is not applicable. Always make sure that you have filled each and every detail in order to avoid delay or refusal in visa processing.

Submit a travel itinerary, round-trip tickets and invitation letter from China (if any)

In order to get a Chinese tourist visa, you need to show the documents defining itinerary which may also include the proof of round-trip ticket booking and hotel reservation proof.

Additionally, you need to submit

  • Information of the applicant such as full name, gender, DOB
  • Information about the planned visit like your arrival, departure, and name of different places where you will visit.
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