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Dynamics 365 – A Cloud Computing Solution

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 amalgamates the best of both ERP and CRM by Microsoft cloud services into a single solution that comes with a built-in purpose for business operations like customer services, sales, operations and finance. It also has an added benefit for working with business analytics, predictive intelligence and productivity applications. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Qatar partners helps in allowing access to productivity services over the global network. Some of the benefits of Dynamics 365 are explained below:

Improved and Smarter Customer Services

Microsoft Dynamics 365 QatarBoosting productivity of sales

You can accelerate the quotes made for the cash process. With dynamics 365 you will be able to take quick decisions on management of sales requests, sales related inquiries and process sales payments through single outlook.

Delivering value at touch points

The solutions helps in prioritizing sales leads whose basis are upon the potential of revenues. It can helps in keeping track on every customer interaction and seeks guidance on best renewal, cross sell, and up sell opportunities throughout sales cycle.

Management of business finances

Boost financial reporting

It streamlines accounts payables and accounts receivables and reconciles those accounts automatically where the financials are reported rapidly and accurately while managing compliance.

Creates informed financial decisions

It links data across customer interactions, inventory, purchasing, sales and accounting for receiving an end to end business view. The financial performance can also be reviewed in charts in real time with built-in power BI dashboards.

Accelerates accuracy of financial forecast

It refines financial forecast by analyzing and modeling data across numerous dimensions. You can also customize reports by utilizing seamless MS-Excel integration.

Secures and automates supply chain channel

Secures and automates supply chain channelShrink sales losses and lessen shortages

You can manage the right amount of inventory by calculating the stock levels automatically. You can lead sales timings and reordering points whenever inventory reaches to certain level. It also suggests different substitute channels for reordering items when inventory is out of stock.

Optimizes levels of inventory

You can use built-in intelligence for sales prediction and take actions accordingly. With correct reports you can buy what is needed actually with updates inventory levels dynamically

Optimization of business operations

Reaches optimal output levels

It optimizes and calculates resources and manufacturing capacity in order to accelerate production performance, improve manufacturing schedules and meets client demands more efficiently.

Runs warehouse operations efficiently

You can acquire a holistic view of inventory for fulfilling orders efficiently. You can also track items with transactions and movements by bin setting on the basis of storage unit dimension and warehouse layout.

Keep projects under budgets and execute on time

Planning projects with precision

You can execute management of resource levels with respect to sales and planning capacity. The invoices can also be tracked for customers against planned costing on quotes and orders.

Maintain budgeting

You can track, manage and build customer projects by using particular timesheets according to advances reporting and job costing capabilities. The budgets can be controlled, modified and developed for ensuring profitability of projects.

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