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Defining Real Estate Law

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The civil law of a state will often define the characteristics of the different kinds of property it recognizes for the sake of transfer, ownership, and disposition.

It will often be divided into actual possessions, encompassing items that have a value attached to them, items that are intangible, yet have monetary value, and finally, real estate, which includes not just land, but also the structures built upon it.

Real Estate Law

Regardless of whether the land is commercial or residential in nature, real estate law applies to controlling the rights pertaining to land and buildings, thereby regulating the relationship between parties, such as landowners, real estate developers, and agents.

The ascertainment of the rights and responsibilities of parties in connection to land, the title to the property, entertaining claims to one property, settling issues of rented land, mortgaging, leasing, licensing, easements and covenants, and a number of issues that deal with agriculture and the environment, are dealt with by real estate laws.

Real Estate Attorneys

Lawyers specializing in the real estate segment often deal with issues of transfer, buying, selling, gifts, and other ways property exchanges hands or is possessed.

Real estate lawyers in Dubai

This will include drafting and conveyance of the property, and catering to the several commercial and business angles that can arise.

Apart from the transactional aspects of property and buildings, real estate lawyers in Dubai may also spend time dealing with the approval process on the part of the government of the country, to which all land belongs, or with the housing authority in question.

As such, they may also advise on the best course(s) of action in a large-scale project. 

Inspection And Representation

Real Estate lawyers may sometimes be charged with making sure the land or building in question is compliant with any of the numerous standards or requirements that apply to it.

These can include the physical aspects of the property concerned; ascertaining the title to make sure the land is in fact owned by the person who claims to.

Defining Real Estate Law

Other duties could include making sure the property is in compliance with the relevant environmental regulations put in place.

Often when a piece of land or property is sold, there may be a number of covenants attached to it, for example, the owner may have created easements over the land, or granted neighbors the right to profit from it, that is, collect materials.

The lawyer for the buyer will also examine these rights created in connection with the land, to make sure that part makes the decision to purchase with all of those attachments in mind.

At the last stage, when the matter goes to court, the lawyers will represent their party in the proceedings.

A matter that goes to court may involve dispute concerning the rightful ownership or title of the land, disagreement regarding a landlord and tenant regarding contractual terms, and issues that arise out of proximity, for example land or property that excessively pollutes, or encroaches upon other lands’ boundaries.


Author Bio: James Brown is an owner of the market research company in Dubai. Currently, he is working on his new project which is regarding law firms and their benefits. To know more about law segments, you can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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